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Colorist Meetup marks the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon.


With the guest appearance of Will Cox, a Colorist, and co-founder of Final Frame, a company responsible for the picture post of IMAX documentary Apollo 11, we will revisit this incredible production and remember one of most astonishing moments in human history. Will was responsible for the breathtaking 8K restoration of never before seen material about the Apollo 11 mission and man landing on the moon. Since 1969 many productions were made about this moment in history but this documentary takes the crown for best image quality ever!

Were you ever wondering, next time we land on the moon, how it might look like?

We have invited Juan Salvo a unique NY colorist and technologist who is best placed to help us understand what future might hold. He will walk us through some of his recent projects which have combined cutting edge technology, color and imagining science. From using machine learning to colorize black & white footage, to his work on acclaimed VR experiences - Juan will explore where the cutting edge of imaging is headed, and how the images of the next landing on the moon will look like.

Will Cox, Final Frame Co-Founder, Supervising Colorist

With a background in art history and engineering, Will is known for his breadth of knowledge, both aesthetic and technical.
Will has been color grading independent films for the past 13 years. His credits include the 2010 and 2011 Oscar-winning documentaries The Cove and Inside Job, as well as a number of Oscar nominees and festival award winners such as Obvious Child (Sundance 2014), Cutie and the Boxer (Academy Award Nominee 2014), Sleepwalk With Me(Best of Next!, Sundance 2013), Dinosaur 13 (Sundance 2014) and It Felt Like Love (Sundance 2013).

Juan Salvo, theColourSpace, CEO & Finishing artist

New York City-based finishing artist Juan Salvo is as exacting with image quality as he is technically savvy, a combination that’s served him well in his chosen profession. His work has been seen on movie and television screens, in web browsers and on mobile devices worldwide. He regularly collaborates with a diverse clientele - acclaimed music video directors, world-renowned artists, advertising creatives, filmmakers and documentarians - to enhance and finish their projects.

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Earlier Event: June 27
Later Event: July 25